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Welcome to the Stamford Board of REALTORS®

The Stamford Board of REALTORS® is a service organization for REALTORS® established in 1919 for the purpose of bettering and elevating the business of real estate. The Board operates under the guidance of a Code of Ethics established by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), the CT REALTORS® and the Stamford Board of REALTORS® (SBOR). It is our professional standards that separate the REALTORS® from the real estate vendor who is not bound by the REALTORS® standards of conduct.

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Stamford Board of REALTORS® is to provide the tools, resources and support that promote professional growth, ethical conduct and prosperity of its members; while being the Voice for Real Estate in the community.


Focus Areas:


1.     Education

  • Provide continuing education classes
  • Continue to offer online courses via the website
  • Offer new member orientation
  • Add video/podcasts to the website on various topics
  • Offer short sessions (lunch & learn) on timely topics (e.g., safety, Code of Ethics)
  • Educate the Designated REALTORS® and Managers about the role and rules of the association


2.     Professional Standards & Professionalism

  • Investigate how to improve agent professionalism
  • Streamline the process for filing and resolving complaints via the options available from NAR
  • Ensure links to the manual and forms are easily accessible
  • Increase the opportunities for Professional Standards training (e.g., offer free course annually)
  • Expand number who serve on the Grievance/Professional Standards committees to ensure adequate panel members locally


3.     Consumer Outreach

  • Be the Voice for Real Estate in Stamford
  • Continue and increase statistics and trends to the members and media via newsletters, social media, etc.
  • Continue community service activities via services and/or donations; evaluate having a focused number of initiatives with a bigger effort behind each


4.     Advocacy

  • Explain and continue to encourage participation in RPAC
  • Educate the membership of the necessity of advocacy (e.g., attending REALTORS® at the Capitol, call to action)
  • Ensure representation at Government Center to ensure voice is heard on real estate issues (e.g., conveyance tax, zoning, commuter parking, etc.)
  • Engage the public, when warranted, on advocacy issues
  • Inform members of national, state and local legislative issues


5.     Information Resource & MLS Service Center

  • Continue to support MLS services to the members
  • Be an information resource to the member
  • Continue to update web site with timely information


6.     Networking, social

  • Provide social opportunity with Board sponsored events
  • Drink and Learn; mixer support groups
  • Incentive attendance
  • Increase use of social media


Nobu Hata, NAR's Director of Member
Engagement, was our Guest Speaker for
our Lunch and Learn. Here is his Presentation.

If you missed our 1st Quarter Membership
Meeting with Stamford Mayor David Martin,
here's the Presentation that he gave.

Check out the newest REALTOR RAP.
Winter 2017 Edition of SBOR's newsletter.

Check out the answers to the questions 
asked to Superintendent Kim during the 
3rd Quarter Meeting.

If you missed the Lawrence Yun Breakfast Meeting, here is the PRESENTATION he gave.

FHA Issues New Condo Rule
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The REALTORS Political Action Committee
(RPAC) has promoted the election of
pro-REALTOR candidates across the US.
The purpose of RPAC is clear: REALTORS
raise and spend money to elect candidates
who understand and support their interests.

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Upcoming Events




Lunch-and-Learn with Nobu Hata
Dir. of Member Engagement for NAR
Italian Center 12noon FREE

SBOR Young Professionals
Board Office 2:30pm

C.E. Class (Elective) CANCELLED
Discovering Commercial
Real Estate

Italian Center 9am





Bushnell Park in Hartford
10am to 1:30pm
Call Stamford Board of REALTORS
(203-327-1433) to REGISTER & reserve your seat on our bus

New Member Orientation
Board Office 12:30pm-3:30pm

C.E. Class (Elective)
Code of Ethics*
Italian Center 9am
*COE is an elective class for your CE
requirements, but a mandatory class
for NAR now every two year. 

SBOR Young Professionals
Board Office 2:30pm



C.E. Class (Elective)
Senior Risk Management
Italian Center 9am

SBOR Young Professionals
Board Office 2:30pm





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